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WHat is Dream11 Prime Membership

Dream 11 Champ is an online portal developed keeping in mind the sports enthusiastic audience. The team of sports experts having years of experience in analyzing sports have come along to offer monetary benefits. The timeless features that dream 11 champ offers are to provide a winning team at cost-effective prices in the form of a package. We also cater to our users with other multiple Fantasy games application, through prime teams.

The immense reward gained over the years earned by our experts has let to the formulation of certain strategies. The strategies can be behemoth the secret of an excellent team. Although, the experts are well aware of the fact that, consistent winning isn’t possible with a single or two teams. The diversified the games are and are the situations. The experts help our prime members after analyzing all possible situations. The lapses of skill set little experience in formulating team often lead to game losses. The expert’s generated team will for sure your success in Dream 11 success. Choosing theses team would ensure higher ranks in the overall game.

The grand league matches are hugely profitable and equally risky. There are wide competitors for fighting for the cream rank 1 position. The easiest way to secure the best rank is to get your team chosen by some experts. The expert at Dream 11 Champ provides you with a cream team that solidifies the better rank. Although Grand matches are more of luck, the special skillset of experts could be leveraged to attain better monitory benefits. The top ranks capture in close to (4-5)% profits.
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How to Get Profits with Dream11 Champ

Multiple matches are being played on dream 11. Our team has provided a certain glimpse to type Leagues being played

  • There are only 2 Players
  • It is easy to win
  • You only need to pick in-form players
  • Carefully choose Captain & Vice-Captain
  • is played amongst 2-20 players
  • The competition is relatively higher
  • Higher Chances to win
  • Focus more on All-rounder& bowlers
  • Played by 4000-5000 Players
  • Higher chances to win & score better points
  • Competition is relatively higher
  • There are players in 5000-1,00,000
  • Most risky of all and difficult to compete
  • Better skill set and judgement required in winning

Dream 11 league matches are quite intriguing at the very first sight. The intense level of the game you watch and the emotions associated with it can be reflected. Winning small league matches can be quite significant, but the pressure lies in wining Grand league. The Grand leagues, in general, have very high competition compared to several players competing. The success rate in the Grand league depends upon the team you are choosing.

What is so special about the Grand League?

The grand league is hugely profitable and equally risky. There are wide competitors for fighting for the cream rank 1 position. The easiest way to secure the best rank is to get your team chosen by some expert.

1) There are close to 45 million people registered on Dream 11 within 4 years

2) The company is registered under the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FTSA)

3) Seamless to join and high returns

Top winners of Dream 11 with Champ Teams

1) Ravindra (40 Lacks) (Joined 2016)
2) Sonu Shrivastava (25 Lacks) (Joined 2017)
3) Samir Pinjari (18 Lacks) ( Joined 2017)
4) Indrajit Pramanik (12.5 Lacks) (Joined 2018)
5) Vishal Patil (7 Lacks ) ( Joined 2017)

The team at Dream 11 champ fills the gap of time of expertise to pick the best players for matches. Although creating your teams & winning could provide satisfaction, but what if you have a job to take care of or family responsibilities. On an average, there are close to 2 Kabaddi Matches, 4-5 Cricket match, 2 NBA & even 2-3 football match. A normal person with responsibilities to comply with or interest limited to a specific game might lose interests. To resolve this issue the team at Dream 11 Champ plays a pivotal role. We help our users with researched teams

Well, there are some even secret parameters our experts take into considerations. The prominent benefits that we have to offer for you are listed below.

  1. The prime team we offer would help you win small league matches leading to better ranks in grand leagues.
  2. The privilege of accessing some special news & suggestions are limited to our Dream 11Champ Prime members.
  3. The team provides special insights to attain Rank 1 in various small league matches.
  4. The users can just sit back and see their team performing.
  5. The very spectacular aspect that we offer, is offering tailor-made packages that ensure maximum benefits.
  6. The holistic and focused plan that diversifies in terms of timeline & games.
  7. Although a general user has multiple restrictions, a Dream11 Champ Prime member would have the luxury to access multiple aspects under his plans.
  8. We provide live updates on our Telegram group specially created for our prime members.
  9. Seamless payment methodologies (Google Tez, Paytm)
  10. Get in touch with industry experts with years of experience
  11. Round-the-clock a.k.a 24*7 Support from our executive team

How much does it cost to get at dream 11 champ Prime teams?

Anyways pearls aren’t cheap, the value it brings. The prices at Dream 11 Champ Prime membership is quite reasonable. The charges are very nominal and quite minuscule compared to the benefit they reap. The options one receives to complete several matches is quite minimal compare to the opportunities one receives. The charges to our customised plans are listed below.


Expected Minimum Earning 20k+/Month

  • 6 Dream11 Teams/Match* (Cricket Teams Only)
  • Leagues & Investment Suggetions
  • Playing XI Updates
  • All Important Updates Before Deadline
  • Validity: 1 Month

Rs. 1999 1499

per month


Expected Minimum Earning 1 Lakh+/Month

  • 11 Dream11 Teams/Match* (Cricket, Football, NBA & Kabaddi Teams )
  • Leagues & Investment Suggetions
  • Playing XI Updates
  • Teams in Telegram
  • 91% Winning in Mini GL
  • 67% Winning in Mega League
  • All Important Updates Before Deadline
  • Validity: 1 Months

Rs. 5999 3999

per month


Expected Minimum Earning 50k+/Month

  • 6 Dream11 Teams/Match* (Cricket & Football Teams)
  • Leagues & Investment Suggetions
  • Playing XI Updates
  • All Important Updates Before Deadline
  • Validity: 1 Months

Rs. 3599 2599

per month

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Best Fantasy Sports Prediction Website in India

Various prediction websites provide a dream team. The expert panel at Dream 11 Champ offers offer in-depth predictions. The most crucial aspect is to ensure that the information provided inaccurate and precise.

The users need to be aware of the minute details. The experts with us ensure we are amongst the Best Fantasy Sports Prediction Website in India. Whether it's cricket or Football our team is all braced up with experts. The team can assure, that streamlined winning would have never have been experienced by you. The years of experience exhibits the trust people shown in our panel’s caliber.

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