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Why you should invest in dream11Champ.Com?

What is dream11?

Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth founded Dream11 in the year 2008, a  company based in India and dedicated to fantasy sports. It is an online platform which provides users to play fantasy sports like cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi and basketball. In the year 2012, they have started a business model which provides a fantasy cricket sport in India, absolutely free of charge. The company was successful in achieving 1 million registered users in the year 2014, these numbers hit to 2 million in 2016. But the major milestone is achieved by the Dream11 is in the year 2018 when it was successful in gaining 4 million users. Dream11 is now one of the members of Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) and is one of the founding members of the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG).

What are fantasy sports and dream11 champ?

Fantasy Sports: Fantasy sports falls in that category of games, which are being played on the internet platform. On these virtual platforms, various users gather to create a team of virtual players to play a professional sport. Points are given to each team based on their performance and then added. After the whole process, the computer compiles the results and calculates it and then declares the winner of the game.


Dream11Champ.Com: The is the platform that provides the best fantasy sports news for Dream11 playing users. .This website is majorly responsible for previewing the fantasy sports which organizes the Match Teams, News Updates, suggestions, and some other features also with the subscription plans. The membership plans also cover various fantasy sports websites like Dream11, Myteam11, Playerzpot and others.

Why should you invest in it?

In recent times people have become more keen towards investing and the major reasons behind it are the large percentage of returns it generates as well as the long term profits. One of the fastest and most profitable sectors in today’s time is the fantasy sport, their fanbase is increasing day by day. This is the main cause of increased investments in this field. Many people have invested a huge amount of money and had also gain profits with this sector. Therefore, it is the right time for investing because this industry has just started to grow. If the right knowledge and technicalities are learned about investing then this is the most profitable way of earning money.

Dream11champ is one of the most trusted platforms for fantasy sports and it is the right time to gain profit from it because it has also got a huge fanbase. This website still holds a huge scope of growth. We have also discussed some of the major reasons as to why you should start investing in fantasy sports.

Dream11 Champ Investors

1) The craze of fantasy sports is increasing

The craze of fantasy sports whether it is football or cricket is increasing at a rapid rate in India. Because of the increased fan following in these fantasy sports this field has gained huge popularity and therefore very big companies have started investing in fantasy sports. The dream11champ holds a following of more than 4 million people therefore, they are one of the fastest-growing company in the field of fantasy sports.


2)  Grab the opportunity to earn more money

When you invest in an organization, you can either gain or lose money in large quantities. This is because if an organization builds reputation and gains lots of profit then the investors also get benefits from it financially. Contradictory to it if an organization suffers a loss, the investors can also lose their money. One of the major reason, you can earn lots of money by investing in Dream11champ is that this organization has god a fabulous reputation in the market and is one of the leading players in the industry of fantasy sports.

3) Competition is now lower

According to the market research, it is found that the competition is way much lower as compared to other fields. Secondly, Dream11 is a trusted group and you could also avail of the partnership in their company.

4) Investing is constitutional

One of the major fear which holds the new investors in investing in a fantasy sports company is thought that whether it is legal to invest in these companies or not. They are very much legal to play and there is no constitutional offense in investing in a fantasy sports company.

5) A sea of possibilities

In the year 2019 Dream11 became the first Indian gaming company to enter the prestigious ‘Unicorn Club’. In March 2019, The Board of Control Cricket in India (BCCI) declared Dream11 as the official partner for the VIVO Indian Premier League.

Why dream11champ needs investments?

The is showing tremendous growth in such a short period. This fantasy prediction website started in March 2019 and has been making predictions on fantasy sports since then. The organization is thriving in the industry and has been generating good revenue through prime membership plans as well as Google AdSense.  This website is predicting fantasy sports on various platforms like Dream11, myteam11, halaplay, my11circle and 11wickets, etc.

The dream11champ is still able to earn approximately Rs.2 lakh per month besides form investments like salary, marketing, and advertising, etc. Therefore this website is showing tremendous growth in the market. To expand the business and to increase its brand value the company has to invest in various departments like appointing authors, increase its online presence and to create its customized mobile application on android and ios so that the customers can have easy access to them.

Type of Investment?

Now, one of the most important points which are needed to be understood is what kind and what form of investment are needed by the company? There are two types of investment plans which are offered by the dream11champ one is a partnership investment plan in which 25 lakhs INR is required for investing and along with that 25% of partnership is given to the investor in for a lifetime. Secondly, the term investment plan is available in which 10 lakhs INR is required to do an investment in the company and along with this 25% partnership is given to the investor for 5 years.

Therefore, you should not miss this opportunity to invest in this thriving company which belongs to the rapidly increasing industry fantasy sports.

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